From the corners of the event you hear gasps, laughter, and applause. Another one of the guests? Perhaps... but this gentleman has something more to share. 

David's strolling magic is a popular choice for party planners who want entertainment that blends seamlessly into an event. David will perform close-up magic and mindreading for small groups, breaking the ice and connecting your guests through his intimate illusions. 

Thousands of performance hours for groups like yours gives David the perfect balance of subtlety and spectacle, making strolling magic a delightful and mysterious complement to any event. 



A dapper stranger takes the stage. The show begins.  

Within minutes the story begins to unfold. Minds are read. Uncanny coincidences happen between guests. Eruptions of applause one moment, stunned silence the next.  

David's platform performances are for groups of 15 to 1,000 and range in length from 35-60 minutes. On stage, David focuses on mental illusions - mindreading, influence, predictions - magic that appeals to the savvy modern audience. His program is highly interactive, with countless audience members partaking from their seat and the stage.

Video of David's full show is available upon request.